Top 6 foods you probably had no idea were GMO

Back in the mid-1980s, Americans started becoming much more health conscious than ever before, with aerobics, “Jazzercise,” and “low-fat” foods sweeping the fitness and health food markets like there was no tomorrow. Millions of Americans wanted to eat “right” and get in shape, and it wasn’t just a fad. Little did hardly a soul know that GMOs (genetically modified organisms) were secretly being embedded in the genes of corn and soy, and 90 percent of those staple U.S. crops would never be the same – now to include dangerous insect-and-weed-killing genes inside their DNA makeup.

Then came the 1990s. Nutritionists figured out there are important fats we should all be consuming regularly, such as from whole, organic foods like avocados and raw nuts. Health studies began revealing that the “food pyramid” was a scam to sell more meat and dairy to already chronically inflamed American consumers, while the biotechnology freaks were working in their labs on more genetically mutated “recombinant” Frankenfoods, like further bastardizing our precious grains.

As the new millennium rolled around, the “South Beach” diet landed huge, and trans-fats got exposed. Everybody was focused on good “carbs” versus bad carbs, and lost focus on an insidious plot by the chemical-industrial-agriculture giants to poison a couple hundred million Americans with pesticide-laden food.

Pay it back to the early 1990s though, when “hippies,” nutritionists and herbalists were protesting their hearts out, screaming for people to wake up and realize that GMOs were the work of the devil (Monsanto and Bayer), and that genetically modifying seeds was an atrocity to God, going against Mother Nature and everything holy and pure. The fight for clean food wasn’t just about processed foods anymore, it was about produce that doesn’t contain cancer-causing and dementia-causing poison in its DNA.

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Then came the 2010s – the decade demanding organic food, clean water, and unadulterated natural medicine

Sure, by now, anybody who can still think straight and isn’t getting the drip (chemotherapy) at some superbug-ridden hospital knows better than to eat non-organic corn and soy in America. Those two GM staple crops are as corrupt as snake venom, and they infiltrate more than 70 percent of all U.S. food, including baby food and pet food. Anyone who also cares an iota about the environment knows biotechnology and chemical agriculture is not sustainable, as our soil from sea to shining sea methodically becomes more and more void of nutrients, and you know what that means.

Still, most people who shop organic and local are largely unaware that every year the biotech giants Bayer, Dupont, Dow, Syngenta, Cargill (and the list goes on) have thousands of evil science trolls in white lab coats figuring out new ways to infect the seeds of other popular produce and grains.

Meanwhile, the most popular and deadly herbicide, Roundup, is sprayed on commercial crops as if it were filtered water, while more and more Americans are suffering from chronic illnesses and organ failure, wondering what their clueless M.D.s and oncologists can do to “save” them or extend their miserable lives just a few more years.

Let’s face it folks, food “transparency” is becoming opaque, Whole Foods will NEVER put a warning label on their GMOs (especially since they’re now owned by Jeff Bezos), and foods you never thought would be corrupted in a laboratory now are.

So, besides sugar, beets, canned soups, most cereals, and 90 percent of all canola oil, let’s talk about some foods you probably had no idea are actually made with GMOs:

#1. “Honey” (largely made with GMO HFCS)

Yes, it’s true. Research reveals most store-bought honey isn’t honey at all. So then what the hell is it? More than 75 percent of honey sold in those jugs, jars, and cute little plastic bears in U.S. grocery stores, drug stores, Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart, and Target is not what bees produce. For starters, it doesn’t contain any pollen. Are you really consuming GMOs and HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) when you think you’re eating honey? Don’t look it up on “Google” because they too are owned by Big Pharma and Big Food.

#2. Wheat breads (made with GMO HFCS)

Remember the “whole grain” and “multi-grain” fad? Every parent in the USA went crazy, buying their kids whole grain bread, wheat bread, and multi-grain cereals, even though GM wheat was in full swing, and those cereals and bread were still loaded with GM HFCS. What a Ponzi scheme health scam that was. Wait, are you still falling for it? Plus, now nearly all non-organic grains, including wheat, barley and rye, are heavily sprayed with Roundup (carcinogenic weed killer) to help them dry out before cutting them all down and processing them in the silos.

#3. Baby Formula

If the corn, soy, and milk in your baby’s formula isn’t organic, then your baby is getting a “double dose” of genetically modified toxins. Most U.S. cows are fed GM alfalfa, and many baby formulas are made with GM soybean milk now. Would you spray ant and roach killer on your infant to keep the bugs away, and feed him or her pesticides on purpose? Then quit doing it on accident.

#4. Potatoes

Are you buying potatoes that are “bruise resistant?” Maybe YOU will also be bruise resistant when you’re dying of cancer. What types of potatoes do you think fast food chains and most restaurants serve up? Well, the cheap, corporate GM ones, of course. Yep, three types of GM Frankenfood potatoes are out there, and if you didn’t know, and you just continue to shop blindly, you might just get “fried” yourself. That’s “plant science” folks (but it’s really fake science), and if you don’t like getting cancer and dementia, then you are labeled by corporate America as “anti-science.”

#5. Papaya

In the 1990s, Hawaiian papaya production was cut in half by the ring spot virus. The solution? Go into a laboratory and create a Frankenstein papaya called the Rainbow Papaya. Now it’s the primary variety there.

#6. Pumpkins

Did you know pumpkins did not exist at one point in history? Be sure to remember Michael Pollen saying, “Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.” This year for Halloween, check that canned pumpkin, because it’s not really pumpkin at all, but another Nestle “Franken-crop” creation.

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