6 foods to skip over at the supermarket

It’s not that hard to believe that a lot of the foods sold in grocery stores today are far from being healthy. Yet, we still continue to eat the very foods that manufacturers, doctors and even our president are bent on avoiding at all costs. It’s actually quite ironic, really, that these big businesses won’t even eat their own creations. If it’s not good enough for them, why is it good enough for us? Here are six foods that the Obamas avoid, and so should you.

  1. Corn-fed beef: Cows didn’t always eat GMO corn and grain. Traditionally, they have eaten grass and hay, mostly. Grass-fed beef is more nutrient-dense and less toxic.
  2. Farm-raised salmon: Fed all kinds of funky things that they wouldn’t normally eat, farm-raised salmon is less nutritious and often full of toxins.
  3. Commercial milk products: There are two main chemicals you need to look out for here, recombinant bovine growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor. Both are harmful to cows as well as people.
  4. Conventional soy and corn: 90% of the world’s soy and corn products are GMO products and can lead to long-term health concerns like allergies and digestive issues.
  5. Conventional apples: Apples aren’t pest-resistant. If they aren’t organic, they’re covered in pesticides.
  6. Canned tomatoes: Tin cans contain BPA. The acidity of tomatoes causes the BPA to leach out of the lining of the can and into the food.



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