Ban GMOs or label them — we need to act quickly!

People have been calling for either bans or labels on GM products since their introduction in the 90s. Across the globe, dozens of countries have created GMO-free zones with laws to preserve the integrity of organic, natural produce. Several counties in the US are also doing their best to do the same.

Some campaigners call for a complete and total ban on all GM products, while others merely call for labeling. With all the controversies surrounding GMOs and GM products, one thing has become clear, though – if we sit back and do nothing, the end of non-GM produce may come quite quickly. Between cross-pollination, cross-contamination and a lack of labeling, GM crops could be all we have to choose from in a matter of decades.

It is greatly important that we act now to stop the rise of GM products if we want to preserve our freedom to choose. More and more farmers are coming forward to reveal how difficult it is to maintain the integrity of their crops when their neighbors grow GM food. The EU had labeling laws introduced in the 90s! Why is the U.S. lagging behind? Is the government afraid of stepping on Big Biotech’s toes, or do our officials have other dirty little secrets to keep?


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