Natural pesticide could end Monsanto

In 2006, a myologist named Paul Stamets applied for a patent. This patent could potentially change the world, and perhaps even bring Monsanto’s reign over the agricultural industry to a startling halt.

Stamets’s created a natural pesticide by manipulating entomopathogenic Fungi – fungi that kills insects – and creating a breed that would not create spores. These fungi attract and kill insects that would otherwise eat crops, without disturbing or harming their surrounding environment. They’re being called SMART pesticides, though they resemble giant mushrooms.

The implementation of such pesticides could forever change the agricultural industry for the better, if it were able to gain enough exposure for people to take note.

Pesticide industry executives have obviously found Stamets’s discovery both alarming and disconcerting. Despite being one of the world’s leading myologists, Stamets’ patent has received very little exposure. It makes you wonder if a certain pesticide manufacturer is doing their best to stand in the way of innovation that doesn’t benefit them.


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