How Kevin Folta and the biofortified boys destroyed democracy in Hawaii to pave the way for GMO imperialism

In 2013, a bill was introduced in Hawaii that would stop pesticide spraying on GMO crops. The bill would have enforced buffer zones between sprayed and public areas; it also required disclosure of the pesticides being sprayed. Sounds reasonable, right? Not in the eyes of Big Agra, as shortly after its inception, GMO giants Dow, Monsanto, DuPont, BASF and Syngenta teamed up to fund and launch a massive PR campaign against the movement. The Big Agra offensive was accomplished through a handpicked panel of paid academics who are now pointedly being referred to as the “Biofortified Boys”.

The all-star of the Biofortified Boys’ club, Kevin Folta, has since gained notoriety through public exposure of his shilling for Monsanto and their media propaganda arm, but in this case Kevin Folta and his colleagues were ultimately unsuccessful in swaying the public, evidenced by the fall of the 2013 passage of Bill 2491 as Ordinance 690 by a 6-1 vote. However, their presence and powerful financial backing caused enough pressure to convince a federal judge in August 2014 to strike down the ordinance on the grounds that it was unlawfully preempting state law governing pesticide use.

If this situation has taught us nothing else, it’s that local movements can indeed successfully reject GMO encroachment through local legislation, but they must also be ready to resist the fascistic pressure of direct collusion between state and federal governments and Big Agra.


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