New Zealand claims first GMO free region

Hastings District Council has declared the first official GMO-free food region in New Zealand, surely to be a major economic opportunity for food producers.

Recently, many countries have also banned GMO foods from being grown on their land. France, for example, has 21 regions that are GMO-free. Italy has 16; these regions include the world-renowned Provence and Tuscany – which are famous for their food. Naturally, they want to preserve the integrity of their cuisine and produce. It also doesn’t hurt that people are willing to pay a premium to ensure that their food is GMO-free.

Hastings food producers are looking forward to the financial gains they expect to receive. They’re local and GMO-free and are excited to be able to have people be that much more confident in their products. John Bostock from Pure Hawke’s Bay, a local food producers’ group, states, “Returns for premium products are strong and growing. This added value for our producers reinforces the view that Hawke’s Bay’s economic prosperity lies with premium, uniquely pure and GM Free exports.”

Things are looking good in Hastings District. A poll commissioned by Pure Hawke’s Bay in 2012 showed that 84% of the local population voted in 2012 that they felt the region should remain GMO-free, and 85% wanted Hawke’s Bay council to help make sure that happens.


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