Folta-Gate: How The Atlantic used an exposed liar as their primary source in a hit piece on The Food Babe

Last week, University of Florida Professor, Kevin Folta, was exposed as having indisputably questionable financial ties to the Big-Agra Behemoth, Monsanto. This was especially damning due to the fact that Kevin Folta was used gregariously as the token academic shill, in mainstream media’s campaign of hit pieces against clean food activists like the Food Babe.

Due to the severity of the recent revelations regarding the dubious credibility of Mr. Folta and his academic work, major articles such as “The Food Babe: Enemy of Chemicals” by James Hamblin from The Atlantic, have been left with no foundation to stand on. In The Atlantic article, Professor Folta comically answered, “I didn’t work for 30 years in this business as a public scientist, at half the salary of what I could earn working for industry, so that I could sell out for some company,” and then made the now pointedly crucifying statement, “She has called me a professor who works for Monsanto, which is the most insane thing I’ve ever heard. I work for the state of Florida. But she had to play that card to discredit me, because I’m hitting a little too close to home with her whole scam.”

In the world of science, when a scientist is found to have lied about his research, the academic journals retract the published studies. At this point it seems nothing short of a full retraction is in order, especially since their information was now without a doubt poisoned and irrefutably distorted, by a known Monsanto puppet & academic prostitute. Join us at Natural News as we call for The Atlantic to give Vani Hari, the Food Babe, a serious apology, and to expeditiously, as well as formally, rescind their article “The Food Babe: Enemy of Chemicals”.

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