Academic Hall of Shame: ‘Monsanto Mafia’ scientists named, exposed for pushing GMO agenda in exchange for grants, favors and gifts

The list of “Monsanto Mafia” scientists just keeps getting larger. Day by day, we’re coming to learn that Monsanto has infiltrated dozens of universities across America, offering bribes (grants, gifts, donations, etc.) in exchange for the “intellectual protection” services of university scientists who whore themselves out to corporate “science.” (Authored by Mike Adams, this article originally appeared on

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Yesterday, we learned that Dr. Kevin Folta is arguably the most villainous of these academic puppets of Monsanto, having secretly taken money from Monsanto while viciously attacking GMO activists and clean food activists, all while falsely claiming he had no financial ties to Monsanto. (I just published his “Meet with Monsanto” itinerary, found in recently leaked documents, which details how his hotel room was “Prepaid by Monsanto,” and this is just the tip of the iceberg.)

Folta’s academic institution, the University of Florida, also accepted huge money from Monsanto, Syngenta, DuPont and other biotech giants. In essence, the Univ. of Florida is now a biotech front group, churning out Monsanto mafia members who shill for GMOs while lying about their financial corruption and viciously smearing clean food activists.

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